Pics: 11 Facts About The John Dumelo State Vehicle Stealing Saga You Probably Didn’t Know

On Friday, the 24th March 2017, it was reported that John Dumelo, one of Ghana’s prolific actors has been caught with a vehicle that belongs to the state while he was in the process of having it re-sprayed.

He was called in and he said a lot of things that complicated issues and since then, Ghanaians have been on his neck for stealing a state-owned vehicle.

You might know the story but you probably don’t know the facts. Here are 11 facts of the whole matter.

1. He actually has two cars but he was caught with one, which he had sent to a sprayer in Accra to be sprayed.


2. Since the car was very new which doesn’t need any new spray under normal circumstances, one of the workers gave a tip off to the Task Force in charge of retrieving state missing cars.

This means the report was made by the same people he had sent the car to have it sprayed. Ghanaians becoming watchdogs.


3. The task force requested to know who brought the car when they arrived on the scene and the sprayers mentioned John Dumelo as the owner.


4. To confirm this, the task force asked the sprayers to call the owner to come for his car and that it is ready, while they wait in ambush for him.


5. Lo and behold, when the owner showed up, it was indeed John Dumelo.


6. He was questioned about the car and he claimed it is for him and that he bought it at SVANI LTD with his hard earned money and that it was bought on loan. He’s not even done paying for it.


7. He was asked to produce the documents for the car, which he did and when the Chasis number was crosschecked, it revealed that the car was for the Ghana National Security.


8. When he was confronted, he decided to change his story by saying, the car was given to him by Mrs Lordina Mahama, the Ex-First Lady of Ghana.


9. To confirm his story, the task force decided to call the first lady but he begged them to stop.


10. He tried bribing to cover up the story and not make a case out of it. Unfortunately, the task force didn’t comply.


11. Further probing revealed, he had two of those cars with one being with the girlfriend who is on holidays in the UK.

Godspower Oshodin

A Poet, Writer, International Media Consultant, Humanitarian Agent, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Film-Maker, and Co-author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'

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