Photos: DJ Young Money Set To Champion ‘Dance Against Child Abuse’ Campaign

Super-kid DJ, 10year-old DJ Young Money will champion this year’s ‘Dance Against Child Abuse’ Campaign, which commences on Children’s Day, May 27th, 2017.


The campaign is poised towards advocating against Child Abuse in this part of the world. The Campaign will be coordinated by GODSPOWER OSHODIN GLOBAL FOUNDATION and K-NATION ENTERTAINMENT.


Child abuse is the mistreatment of a child under the age of eighteen (18) by a parent or guardian which includes neglect, beating and sexual molestation thus contributing to the risk of harm to the children and young people wherein such harm experienced in childhood have significant lasting effects. Sadly enough, Nigeria has been labeled a major hub for child abuse with core issues such as child labour i.e. hawking, child trafficking, neglect and sexual exploitation of children i.e. child marriage.
The campaign aims to use entertainment in creating a casual environment where issues surrounding this acts and steps to eradicate such actions would be aired.


Meanwhile, the award winning ‘Mama Africa’ Crooner will visit a couple of secondary schools, and motherless baby homes in his driven quest to entertain Children and promote values for the Kids at need. ┬áThe campaign commences on Children’s Day, from National Theather, down to TBS.

Godspower Oshodin

A Poet, Writer, International Media Consultant, Humanitarian Agent, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Film-Maker, and Co-author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'

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