Diddy tops Forbes highest-paid celebrities 2017

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been named the top earner on Forbes’ list of the 100 highest-paid celebrities. Diddy brought in $130 million from June 1, 2016, to June 1, 2017.
Forbes says Diddy’s Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, a stake in Ciroc vodka and the $70 million sale of one-third of his Sean John clothing line all contributed to his earnings.

No. 2 on the list is Beyoncé, with $105million in earnings.
Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling brought in $95 million at number 3 while rapper Drake and  Cristiano Ronaldo round out the top five.

1. Sean Combs $130million
2. Beyoncé $105million
3. J.K. Rowling $95million
4. Drake $94million
5. Cristiano Ronaldo $93million
6. The Weeknd $92million
7. Howard Stern $90million
8. Coldplay $88million
9.  James Patterson $87million
10. LeBron James $86million
11. Guns N’ Roses $84million
11. Rush Limbaugh $84million
13. Justin Bieber   $83.5million
14. Lionel Messi $80million
15. Dr. Phil McGraw $79million
16. Ellen DeGeneres $77million
17. Bruce Springsteen $75million
18. Adele $69million
18. Jerry Seinfeld $69million
20. Mark Wahlberg $68million
21.  Metallica $66.5million
22. Dwayne Johnson $65million
23. Roger Federer $64million
24. David Copperfield $61.5million
25. Kevin Durant $60.6million
26. Garth Brooks $60million
26. Elton John $60million
26. Gordon Ramsay $60million
29. Ryan Seacrest $58million
30. Chris Rock $57million
31. Vin Diesel $54.5million
32. Paul McCartney $54million
32. Red Hot Chili Peppers $54million
34. Louis C.K. $52million
35. Jimmy Buffett $50.5million
35. Adam Sandler $50.5million
37. Andrew Luck $50million
37. Rory McIlroy $50million
39. Jackie Chan $49million
40. Calvin Harris $48.5million
41. Robert Downey Jr.   $48million
42, Stephen Curry   $47.3million
43. Dave Chappelle $47million
43. Judy Sheindlin $47million
45. James Harden $46.6million
46. Lewis Hamilton $46million
47. Kim Kardashian West $45.5million
48. Drew Brees $45.3million
49. Taylor Swift $44million
50. Simon Cowell $43.5million
50. Phil Mickelson $43.5million
52. Tom Cruise $43million
53. Kenny Chesney $42.5million
53. Steve Harvey $42.5million
55. Luke Bryan $42million
55. Celine Dion $42million
55. Jay-Z $42million
58. Sofia Vergara $41.5million
59. Kylie Jenner $41million
60. Bruno Mars $39million
60. Tiesto $39million
62. Russell Westbrook $38.6million
63. Sebastian Vettel $38.5million
64. Damian Lillard $38.4million
65. Shah Rukh Khan $38million
65. Jennifer Lopez $38million
65. The Chainsmokers $38million
68. Novak Djokovic $37.6million
69. Amy Schumer $37.5million
70. Tiger Woods $37.1million
71. Salman Khan $37million
71. Neymar $37million
71. Bill O’Reilly $37million
71. Dolly Parton $37million
71. Ed Sheeran $37million
76. Dwayne Wade $36.2million
77. Fernando Alonso $36million
77. Sean Hannity $36million
77. Rihanna $36million
80. Bon Jovi $35.5million
80. Akshay Kumar $35.5million
82. Billy Joel $35million
83.  Dr. Dre $34.5million
83. Florida Georgia Line $34.5million
83. Toby Keith $34.5million
83. Jordan Spieth $34.5million
87. Derrick Rose $34.3million
88. Usain Bolt $34.2million
89. Gareth Bale $34million
89. Conor McGregor $34million
89. Britney Spears $34million
92. Kei Nishikori $33.9million
93. Fletcher Cox $33.4million
94. Clayton Kershaw $33.3million
95. Chance The Rapper $33million
95. Katy Perry   $33million
97. Carmelo Anthony $32.6million
98. Jason Aldean $32.5million
98. Kevin Hary $32.5million
100. Zlatan Ibrahimovic $32million

Godspower Oshodin

A Poet, Writer, International Media Consultant, Film-Maker, and Co-author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'

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