Denrele Edun Body-Paints His Lagos Hustle As He Celebrates His 37th Birthday

TV personality, Denrele Edun shook the internet this morning as he took to his instagram page to upload paint pictures of himself as he Celebrates his 37th birthday.

Denrele was born in Hamburg, Germany, to a Yoruba father and an Indian – Mauritius mother. He is the only son and has two sisters. He grew up in Germany and came to Nigeria when he was five.
Denrele is known for his fashion style and personality. He started his television career as an actor at eleven when he played a presenter/producer on Kiddievision 101 on NTA Network.
To make his day unique, Denrele started with posting of paint pictures with different Instagram posts where he eulogies himself.

In one of the post, he revealed that he stood for 7hours to get the paint on his body despite been sick. According to his post, he painted his Lagos hustle on his body, how he tried surviving and overcome the hurdles of Lagos life.

His post:


Sound Check; I stood for 7 HOURS to get this done, in my malaria weak state..Who send me message? (I’m better now, tho)! Reality Check; I know what you’ve seen and heard about LAGOS: what you think is happening, what you think she needs, what you think she is!
The four things that come to mind when people think of LAGOS are: Population, Problems, Poverty and Promises Unfulfilled.
But that’s not the whole story!

MY LAGOS (as ARTFULLY painted on me) shows you something different. We HUSTLE, we find ways to overcome, We SURVIVE.
Everyday we are changing our communities, it may be a process and it may be a little bit at a time But we are changing it nonetheless.
MY STORY is real; Most of my subjects will INSPIRE, others will PROVOKE, but each story of MINE will challenge what you thought you knew about me and reintroduce ME in my LAGOS to you!
�: @kobiwilliamzphotography
Body Art and Creative Illustration: @hk_locks
Hair: @benflashessylva
#DenreleHits37 #TheBig37 #37AndSwaggingIt #ManNoPause


31 thoughts on “Denrele Edun Body-Paints His Lagos Hustle As He Celebrates His 37th Birthday

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