2019: Prince Tarzoor, A Driving Force For Benue State Gubernatorial Election (Photos)

Leadership can never be defined without readiness to serve people. Hon. Tarzoor is an epitome of a true leader. Young, Articulate, People’s oriented, Well-read, Value-driven, and tenacious in his every approach.

Tarzoor is no doubt a big contender to be the next Governor of Benue. Hon. Tarzoor is a PhD holder with a charismatic tendency for Leadership. He’s indeed what the people of Benue has longed for as they swim consistently inside unsecured waters.

Tarzoor has carved a niche around his desires to always give listening ears to grassroots voices, expressing his ideology through a hosts of community services, where he has assisted hundreds of Benue indigenes return back to school.

Of course, Tarzoor is digitally savvy, and understands the rudiment of running a modern and smart economy. His international connections and leadership qualities will definitely come in handy in delivering the people of Benue from living too deep in their plight.

Hon. Tarzoor has visited multiple communities in Benue in a bid to get them to participate and articulate the Government they want. He craves and working towards giving Governance back to the people of Benue.

As the curtain for 2019 draws closer, Hon. Tarzoor remains a diligence for the people of Benue.

Godspower Oshodin

A Poet, Writer, International Media Consultant, Humanitarian Agent, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Film-Maker, and Co-author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'

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